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Ahaa! This is your CLIQue

Now you are here, let’s ‘wow’ you with amazing things about Educliq. And you know what? Educliq is for everyone, and you get to enjoy all the amazing features for free. Just a click, get you in the clique; no extra demands.
Educliq seeks to create a collaborative, well-networked community around all education activities. So, if you are a student, parent, tutor/trainer, school, writer, counsellor, vendor, artisan, or business around education, then Educliq is for totally you.

Let’s delve into more specifics now. You get to enjoy loads of detailed directories of schools, tutors, professionals and counselors. Also, there are exciting features like competitions and quizzes for prizes, shops for sale of products and services, automated job recruitment, and service requests, scholarships, detailed education statistics generation and multi-media publications from users. Educliq’s School Management System (SMS) automates all activities around your school. Yes, you heard right; all activities, with none missing. You can use the tutorial platform to offer online courses, whether free or paid, and manage your students, assignments and assessments effortlessly. Schools use the alumni pool for engagement of past students, while exploring the donor corner for their areas of need. Educliq has a weekly recognition space for individual who have impacted on education in their local environment. Users nominate and vote to select weekly winners.
There are other loads of features. With Educliq, there is always an exciting, engaging and educating activity to be part of; there’s never a dull moment. What best way to discover them than to explore the system yourself? Dig in at once. Remember, we are not just talking about conventional education here, we cover all forms of training more than you can imagine, be it swimming, dancing, carpentry, taekwondo, boat-making, event lightning, and lots more. If you think it, check it on Educliq.

Educliq is forever a work in progress. We plan to stop innovating when the world is perfect, but you know that is not going to happen. This means Educliq can only keep getting better, so we’d love to hear from you. Your inputs are very valuable. Therefore, do not hesitate to drop us a line or two. Be assured that it will be cherished.
Enjoy the clique!

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