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Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications

Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications

45 month(s) ago on 01/04/2019 @ 12:52 pm by Noble Hall Leadership Academy, Idu
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Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications (Cambridge PDQs) are designed to enrich teaching and leadership.
The most important factor in the quality of students' learning is the quality of teaching and school leadership. Teachers and leaders need to develop their professional thinking and practice continuously throughout their careers. Cambridge PDQs are designed to lead the way in enriching professional learning in schools. These qualifications are based on research evidence about the kinds of professional development that have real impact and value.

Cambridge PDQs help practising teachers and education leaders to:
Engage critically with relevant educational thinking and international best practices.
Apply new ideas and approaches in their own practice.
Reflect on and share experiences and outcomes to plan further development
improve the quality of their students' learning.

Cambridge PDQs help schools to:
Access quality accredited professional development programmes locally that are cost effective and meet individual and school needs.
Establish and nurture school-based professional learning communities
promote continuing and collaborative professional learning in school life and culture.
Ensure that professional development is planned, experienced and evaluated as an integral part of school development.


Who are the qualifications for?
Cambridge PDQs are for practising teachers and education leaders. The qualifications are relevant to all general education teaching and learning contexts. They are key to the professional learning experience of Cambridge schools, teachers and leaders, as they engage with Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Secondary 1, Cambridge Secondary 2 or Cambridge Advanced.

Who designs and teaches the Cambridge PDQ programme?
Cambridge Professional Development Centres can be Cambridge schools or training providers. We quality assure and approve centres to design and run a Cambridge PDQ programme. We train and accredit a Programme Leader in the centre. The Programme Leader designs their programme using the Cambridge PDQ framework. They run their programme to meet the needs, priorities and local context of their school(s), teachers and leaders, within our guidelines and quality assurance procedures.

What is the qualification and assessment structure?
The Cambridge PDQ Diploma consists of three learning and assessment modules. Each module must be completed successfully before moving to the next.
Teachers can take Module 1 on its own as the Certificate. It provides a strong foundation for progress to Modules 2 and 3 and the Diploma. Each module is assessed through a portfolio of evidence of practice, learning and reflection using templates set by
Cambridge. These portfolios of evidence are submitted to Cambridge when ready for examination, and we examine portfolios every month.

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