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45 month(s) ago on 03/04/2019 @ 02:59 pm by Premiere Academy, Lugbe
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The Nigerian Secondary Schools Model United Nations (NISSMUN) conference, which is always held in the third week of October during the annual UN week celebrations and which has become a regular annual feature of student life in Premiere Academy for a number of years, is always both a life-enriching and a very enlightening experience for all participants. It takes place at the National Conference Centre in Abuja and is a mixture of fun, excitement and adventure where young people enjoy the rich heritage of global cultures with Nigeria's top dignitaries, ministers, diplomats, ambassadors, country representatives of civil society organizations and UN officials in attendance. This year's NISSMUN 2018 programme was no exception and delivered all the benefits and experiences of previous years.

The prevailing rationale behind the NISSMUN conference is to actively build the human capacity potential of young people, thereby increasing their mental capabilities, raising their intelligence quotient (IQ), Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and developing their psycho-social powers of influence. Through this intensive orientation process, students who participate at NISSMUN unfailingly return to their schools with a more informed and focused outlook on problems, seeing them rather as an opportunity to seek and find solutions. Equally, they become participatory partners for change in their lives instead of remaining as passive observers like many of their peers who have not benefitted from the NISSMUN experience.

The typical duration of NISSMUN conferences is from 3 - 5 days. They are very well organized and facilitated by the conference coordinators. This includes an elaborate programme of logistics that covers lodging, meals, medical care, and in some cases, transport shuttles from the delegates' accommodation to the conference venue for the entire duration of the NISSMUN programme.

The main feature of the NISSMUN conference is that it is a simulation of the actual United Nations General Assembly meetings, broken down into a variety of activities where students engage in leadership role-play, understudy the policy of their assigned countries, and learn on a first-hand experiential basis the inner workings of diplomacy, conflict resolution, international relations, as well as the decision making processes of the UN. Participants are students who assume the position of UN delegates and are given topics on global issues, placed in committees and pre-assigned to represent different member states of the UN based on the real life policy positions of their assigned countries. NISSMUN conferences are further enriched with research, debates, public speaking, critical thinking, teamwork, and writing. Participants are exposed to critical skill sets necessary for leadership, governance, lifelong learning and development.

It has been established and empirically proven that past participants at NISSMUN never return to a life of nonchalance or apathy. They are more confident, more vocal, more receptive to global information, and act as true leaders equipped with the mindset of problem solving. These attributes have been invaluable in later life as they have helped to transform young people into future leaders and assets to society as they have made the transition from secondary school to their various institutions of higher learning.

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