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Who Is Your Child Creating?

Who Is Your Child Creating?

46 month(s) ago on 26/02/2020 @ 07:15 am by The Sage Schools, Maitama
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Who Is Your Child Creating?
Dear parent, do you know that between the ages of 0 – 3 years, your child is in a period of creating his mind? Do you know that whatever he absorbs, is who he becomes?

This is how it works. As soon as your child arrives earth, he comes loaded with an inner, uncontrollable drive to experience life, to interact with the environment, and to take actions in the world.

He does this by looking and listening, moving and touching, tasting and smelling almost everything, all in the bid to make sense of his world.

Your child is eager to experience life and he does this on his own terms, taking advantage of the sensitive periods (periods of uncontrollable urges to engage in certain, select activities) that show up in his life.

Ok, there are a number of them, but we would focus on only three for today.

The sensitive period for movement and activity: This is why you cannot get your toddler to just sit still – this desire comes upon him naturally. It is uncontrollable. So, when this happens, just let him move, while you observe to keep him safe. Once he satisfies this desire, he would naturally move unto to something else.
The sensitive period for language: This is when your child gets attuned to the tone and rhythm of the human voice as he listens, recognizes, records and tries to imitate them – generally distinguishing yours from those of strangers. So, watch your language around him: he is recording!
The sensitive period for attention to small details: Ever wondered why your child notices the very small objects in his environment, like the grain of rice on the floor, the ant walking around, the biscuit crumbs under the table etc, while you don’t ? This is because he is operating within that sensitive period. Once he is there, let him complete the process but keep your eye on him for safety.
In interacting with his environment, your child records memories, builds up experiences and soaks in impressions that shape his mind, through what he sees, smells, hears, tastes and feels in his environment, putting all these together to create his own unique personality. So, be mindful what you make available to him.

Thanks for reading!

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