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This disclaimer, alongside the ‘Terms and Agreement’ shall govern your use of Educliq.

(a) The Software Provider shall play no part in any negotiations and/or contractual agreement between Users on the platform. Therefore, the Provider shall not be involved, nor held liable for any dispute or disagreement that may arise from such negotiations or contractual agreement.

(b) Most information available on the Software are as provided by End Users; the Provider, therefore cannot vouch for the authenticity, accuracy or reliability of such information, and shall not be held liable for any loss, damage or injury that may arise from the use of the information.

(c) All information provided on the platform by Users, with the exception of Username and Password, are made public online. The Provider shall not be held liable for what the other Users do with the information.

(d) Registered Users have the privilege to rate and write reviews on other accounts based on their experiences. The Provider is completely exonerated from liability arising from the extent and/or amount of negativism or positivism of ratings and /or reviews from other Users.

(e) Some School accounts are pre-registered and to be claimed by the rightful User. At least, an official document is required to claim pre-registered account. The Provider shall not be held liable should a stranger impersonate, claim and manage your School account. Should such scenario arise, immediately contact Educliq technical team.

(f) The provider does not in any way guarantee the excellence, achievements nor qualification of tutors or schools that appear on the distinguished schools/tutors lists at the homepage of the Software.

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