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Frequently Asked Questions

(i) What are the possible accounts in the system?

Educliq has three account types: Regular (for all visitors especially parents and students), School (for all types of educational institutions), and Professional (for all teachers/coaches and education-related service providers)
(ii) How do I choose the suitable account?
During the course of registration, the system automatically takes to the page where you make the right choice based on need.
(iii) Can I operate more than one account?
Yes, but note that each account is independent of the other, and must be registered separately.
(iv) Can I combine more than one account as one?
No. Each account is treated individually.
(iv) I opened a Regular account; can I switch to a vendor account without running a fresh registration?
No. You have to run fresh registration for the vendor account.
(v) How do I delete my account?
Contact the admin with the request.
(vi) Can I personally manage my account?
Yes. This is one of the amazing features of the system. You can always log in at any time of your choice to edit your information in real time just like your social accounts. And the process is as easy as ABC.
(vii) Can I use one registration to access all the features of the system?
Some features are account-specific; however, most features are accessible with a single registration.
(i) Who operates a school account?
School account is for operators of educational/training institutions, be it conventional or unconventional institutions.
(ii) What are the benefits of operating a School Account?
School accounts gain greater exposure to a very wide education-interested audience; have a detailed website-like page; have access to hire professionals via an automated recruitment system; are rewarded via a point system for free advertorial; have access to a pool of alumni database; participate in competitions; have access to a robust school management system; exposed to donors; and many more.
(iii) I have more than one school in different locations. Can I register all of them under one account?
Yes, you can register all under one account, or you can also register them separately.
(iv) I noticed that my school is already registered; how do I claim it?
Go to login page. Enter your official email address and click on ‘recover password’ and your password will be sent to your email address. You can then proceed to login and change the password.
(v) It appears that my account has been claimed by someone else, but I am the rightful Admin. How do I take control of my account?
Quickly contact the admin. You will be required to show some element of proof.

(i) Who is a tutor, and what is the most suitable account for a tutor?
Individuals that teach basic subjects or other skill sets like swimming, sewing, etc, are regarded by the system as tutors. It also includes writers (poets, cartoonists, story tellers, bloggers, etc.). Professional Account in most suitable for tutors.
(ii) What are the benefits of operating a Tutor Account?
Tutors have greater exposure to full/home service recruitment based on qualifications, location, experience and skill-set/subject of specialty. The interesting thing is that they negotiate their contracts with clients FREE OF CHARGE through the system without any form of interference from Educliq. They equally enjoy other privileges as the Regular account.
(iii) Is Educliq involved in contractual negotiation between me and my clients?
Not at all. You are to handle all your negotiations based on your terms.
(iv) As a tutor, can I also be a blogger?
Yes, the tutor account allows you to write and publish your articles free of charge.
(v) How does a potential client contact me through the system?
An interested client can initiate contact with you using the internal messaging platform at the right-end of your page. Such message will hit your Educliq inbox and you will be notified via your email address.

(i) Who is a vendor, and what is the most suitable account for a vendor?
Vendors are users who offer education-related services or products, reflective of all the categories/types of schools in the system. Any of the three accounts can be a vendor.
(ii) What are the benefits of being a vendor?
Vendors have their products and/or services listed free of charge in Educliq Shop. Vendors can utilize the point system to promote their products free of charge.
(iii) How do users get to see my products/services?
Products and services are displayed on Educliq Shop.
(iv) How do users contact me for purchases?
After satisfactorily going through a displayed product or service, a client can contact you (vendor) through the system’s internal messaging platform. The system automatically notifies you of the message.
(iv) Does Educliq play a part in transactions between me and clients?
No. Educliq is not a party to negotiations and transactions via the system.

(i) Who operates a regular account?
This is best suited for parents, students and other visitors to the system.
(ii) What are the benefits of operating a Regular Account?
Regular account users have unique privileges to unlimited access to most services in Educliq, participate in competitions, write reviews, rate institutions and service providers, manage their page, keep collection of choice institutions and service provider, send and receive message via the platform, make orders and hire coaches/tutors, directly interact with choice institutions, publish articles free of charge, and many more.
(iii) Are there age restrictions to the operation of Regular Account?
No. All age groups are accommodated though parents are advised to guide their underage wards.

(i) Do I pay to register on Educliq?
No. Educliq registration comes at no cost.
(ii) How do I register/sign up?
Click on ‘Register’ button at the menu bar on the homepage.
(iii) Can I register/sign-up with my social media account?
Yes. There’s provision for a sign-up via your existing Facebook or twitter accounts.
(iv) After the submission of the first registration form, I received a code in my email? What do I do next?
Proceed to enter the code on the space provided for validation, and continue with the rest of the registration.
(v) I didn’t receive activation code on sign-up. What do I do?
Ensure that the email address and the phone number you provided on registration are correct. Check through the spam folder of your email. If the problem persists, contact the admin.
(vi) After filling the registration form, I couldn’t submit. What might be the cause?
Make sure that you have filled al the compulsory fields correctly. If it persists, check your internet connection, after which you refresh the page on your browser. Contact the admin if the problem continues.
(vii) I can’t locate the category of my profession or institution?
Write the admin stating clearly the name of your category, and it will be added to the existing list within three (3) working days.
(viii) I saw ‘Get Coordinates’ while registering a school account. What are coordinates?
Coordinates are the latitudinal and longitudinal sequences of your location that helps pin-point your exact location for the purpose of map accessibility.
(ix) How do I get coordinates of my school location?
Educliq is programmed to automatically generate your coordinates during registration. Ensure that the ‘Get Coordinate’ is done at the institution’s exact location.
For greater accuracy, we strongly recommend the generation of coordinates for your location using ‘GPS COORDINATES FINDER’ app, which can be freely downloaded for all mobile platforms via all app stores. While using the app, ensure that you are standing at the open with nothing above you for better communication with the satellite.
(x) I saw ‘Enter short-link’. What is short-link?
Short-link is a quick path to your page on Educliq. Once the short-link is entered on any browser, it automatically directs the user straight to your page on Educliq. A school account without a website, can officially quote it as its website.
(xi) I received an email congratulating me of successful registration even when I have not initiated it myself. Why is it so?
You received such details because the admin registered you. Proceed to login page, and initiated password recovery. Then login using the password sent to you. Ensure to change the password afterwards.
(xii) Can Educliq team assist me with my registration?
Yes. Contact the admin with the vital information about your school. Admin will get back to you with your login details within two working days.
(xiii) My registration can’t go through because my email has been used. How do I resolve this?
If your email address was previously used by you in another registration within the system, we advise that you use another set of contacts. Else, contact the admin with your complaint.
(xiv) Admin has registered my school; how do I locate it?
Perform search using the name of your school and location at the homepage to view it.

(i) I can’t login to my account. What might be the cause?
Make sure your username and password are both correctly entered. Contact the admin if the problem persists.
(ii) I forgot my password. What do I do?
Click on ‘Forgot your password?’ and follow the process.
(iii) I got my login details form the admin via email and I have successfully logged in to my account. What do I do next?
We advise that you log in straight away to change your password. Then, start editing your info in real-time at the interval of your choice.
(iv) My school has been registered by the admin but I didn’t get my login details. How do I login to my account?
Attempt a password recovery using your official email address and the password will be emailed to you.

(i) Can I edit all the details on my page from my dashboard?
Yes, you can, and at the frequency of your choice.
(ii) Is all editing or uploads, real time?
Yes. Once any change is done, it is instantly reflected at the front-end.
(iii) My editing/upload is not responding. What do I do?
Check your internet connection and refresh your page.

(i) How do I make a search?
At the homepage, the search engine is visible at the first glance. Enter the search word, choose the account type and then the category. Afterwards, click the search button.
(ii) Can I filter my choice from the search result?
Yes, you can filter based on many provided parameters that allows you to narrow your result to specifics.

(i) What do I do to have my noticeboard appear on the homepage?
Send a request to the admin.
(ii) Is the placement of notice on the noticeboard free of charge?
Yes, but only limited to the ones within school pages.
(iii) How do I get my school activities on Educliq event?
Send a request to the admin.

(i) How do I place my products or services in the shop?
Register through any of the accounts. Login to your page and load your products, their description, photos and prizes through the ‘product’ section of the dashboard.
(i) Does it cost to place my items in the shop?
No. It is free of charge.
(iii) How does a potential client initiate contact for a transaction?
At the end of each product is a button ‘contact the seller’ which a client can use to send message to your Educliq inbox. You will be notified automatically via your email.
(iv) Is Educliq involved in the transaction process?
Not at all. Educliq does not meddle in negotiations and transactions.
(v) Is payment done via the system?
No. The Vendor and the client can agree on the best way to complete the transaction.

(i) How does one post scholarships to the system?
On your management dashboard, click on scholarship and enter the details. Its pubication is however subject to verification and approval by the admin.
(ii) Does it cost to post scholarships?
(iii) Scholarship posting is only for the schools in the system, right?

(i) Who can send or receive messages?
All accounts can both send and receive message via the system.
(ii) How would I know that I have a message in my inbox?
On your dashboard a notification will be visible until the message is read. Also, Educliq will send you an instant email notification informing you of the message.
(iii) I don’t get email alerts concerning my Educliq messages. How do I resolve this?
Confirm that the email you used during registration is correct. Contact admin for additional support.
(iv) How do I know if my sent Educliq message has been delivered?
Educliq messaging system is intra-system, therefore, error of any sent message no getting delivered do not arise.

(i) How does the referral work?
On registration, a unique referral link is generated for your account. Share the link with friends, and colleagues via any media of your choice. The system automatically recognizes and takes notes note of any registration via the link.
(ii) Are there benefits to Referrals?
Yes. A resulting registration from a referral earns the referee points that can be used to place free advert on the system.
(iii) How do I claim my benefits to referrals?
The system is programmed to automatically allot points to your aggerate points.
(iv) Are there restricted numbers of referrals allowed?

(i) How do I earn points?
The following activities earn you points on the system: Referral, Likes, quiz, complete registration and consecutive daily log in.
(ii) How much points are earned per activity?
The points earned varies, and can change from time to time.
(iii) After I have done point earning activities, are there other things I need to do before my points are credited to me?
No. The points crediting is automatic by the system
(iv) What can I do with the points?
You can use points to place adverts on the featured schools and tutors at the homepage, as well as boost your page, product, services or articles.
(v) Can I purchase points?
Yes. Use the online payment platform to buy point, and it will be automatically credited.

(i) What is the criterion for participation in the competition?
You must be a registered user.
(ii) Are all accounts open to all competitions?
Yes, though there are some competitions that might be meant for a specific account type.
(ii) How do I know I won?
The system will notify you.
(iii) How do I claim my price?
Point reward is automatically credited to you; however, for physical prizes, the admin will contact you using the personal details you provided during registration.
(iv) Can an individual/institution sponsor a competition or prize?
Yes. Individuals or institutions can sponsor an entire competition or the prizes of a competition.
(v) What do I benefit as a sponsor?
The competition or prize will be named after you. It is great opportunity for exposure of your company, product or self. The physical prizes delivered to winners will have your inscriptions on it.
(vi) I won a prize but Educliq team hasn’t contacted me yet. What do I do?
Contact the admin with the compliant.
(vi) I am yet to receive my price even after I got contacted by Educliq team. What went wrong?
Once the contact has been initiated by Educliq team, your prize will get to you. Contact the admin if the delay persists.
(vii) I want to sponsor a competition or prize. How do I go about it?
Click on the competition tab on the menu bar, and go to ‘sponsor’ button. Enter your details and send. Educliq team will contact you.

(i) What are Distinguished Schools or Featured Tutors?
These are schools and tutors that appear on the homepage, and are easily visible to all visitors and other users on entering the platform. It is part of advert portals available in the system.
(i) How do I appear on the Distinguished School/Featured Tutors at the homepage?
Contact the admin via It is also possible when you refer a registered user.
(ii) Are the adverts on the distinguished schools/tutors targeted?
Yes. The adverts are structured to be location-based. For example, a Lagos school on distinguished school will be visible to all users that set Lagos as default state, in that way, the right audience receives the message.
(iii) Do I pay to put advert on my page?
Noticeboard advertorial within oa school page is free of charge.
(iv) Where are the other places I can place my advert aside my page?
Contact the admin via for the advert catalogue.

13. BLOG
(i) Is blogging available to all accounts?
(ii) Can I save my article as a draft before publishing?
(iii) How do I share my article on social media?
Special buttons appear at the top of every page that allows you to share your articles with others via all social media platforms
(iv) Do I pay to post my articles?
You post article for free.
(v) I can’t find the category of my article. What do I do?
Contact the admin, and we will have it updated in no time.
(vi) Are there limits to the number of articles to be published by a single account?
There is no limit.
(vii) Do the system archive my articles for reference?
Yes. You can always view, edit or delete.
(viii) What are tags?
Tags are other sub-topics covered inside the article that might be a reference tool for research and documentation.

(i) What is ‘Person of the Week/ Year’?
Individuals that have made outstanding contributions to education and learning are nominated by users for recognition weekly, with further selection yearly.
(ii) How is the Person of the Week/Year selected?
Users nominate and vote, with the nominee with the highest votes emerging as the Person of the Week. Person of the Year is selected from the 52 Persons of the Week.

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