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Starville School, Gwarimpa

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Address: 3 First Avenue, Gwarimpa, Close To Anafara Plaza

Gender: Boys and girls

Religion: Mixed Religion

About Starville School, Gwarimpa

Starville School is a private Christian school open to male and female children of diverse backgrounds and abilities. Starville School exists to provide quality education based on Christian values and principles. We however offer admission to pupils/students irrespective of religion, race or nationality.

Founded in the year 2007, we are presently located in a quiet residential area of Gwarimpa, Abuja. Our permanent site is located in the fast-growing and serene Jahi area of Abuja. It is beautifully decorated with an enormous playground. Our school is founded on Godly principles and this is the bedrock on which everything we do is based on. Children are God's heritage; we are just caretakers building them up with the best of our knowledge and God-given ability.

Our Children come first at Starville School, they are treated as a family; and are brought up with the utmost care possible.
To give total and comprehensive education, we provide all the necessary activities and materials to ensure a foundation for life-long learning.

At Starville School, we are committed to the development of the total child by equipping him/her with a variety of skill-set and values which provide a basis for complete character building, virtue and other ennobling lifestyle attribute for their learning. To achieve this, we offer a wide range of carefully selected and organized academic programmes and extra-curricular activities based on Curriculum.

Researchers have shown that the quality of adulthood lies in childhood experiences and that children experience their most rapid brain development in the first early (three) years of life. We leave no stone unturned to give high-quality child care and all-round education to any child opportune to be part of the family at Starville School. Here, we value effort, teamwork and leadership as essential qualities for success

It is a known and proven fact that a good foundation is necessary for a successful life in the future and this foundation is mostly laid at school. This makes choosing the right school for your child one of the most important decisions a parent has to make.

Happy Children
We strive to ensure that our children would love learning and would want to learn. For us, when our children look forward to coming in to school and enjoy and participate in activities at school, we would have done our job properly. Your child's happiness is of utmost concern to us.

Quality Teachers
We boast of wonderful, knowledgeable and experienced teachers who know their subject. More importantly, they know how to teach it. They communicate the love and passion they have for the subjects they teach in every activity performed in the learning process. This builds enthusiastic children who are influenced by the positive aura of the teacher hence making learning and understanding easier.

Relevant Curriculum
Our curriculum is designed to provide our children with meaningful experiences, which engender deep and significant learning. It is relevant and responsive to the age in which we live. In other words, it educates for life.

Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular activities are always about learning which takes place outside of the classroom. We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities because we know how important these activities are for building team spirit as well as uncovering talents and abilities which students never realized they had.

The Facilities
Our learning and play areas are designed to meet world class standards.

The Parents' role
We believe as a school that a parent taking an active role in their children's education is vitally important. We are very strong on "Parent Partnership". As a result we constantly encourage parents to pitch in and do whatever they can to help their children in the learning process and the school community in general. Being involved also allows parents to peek behind the curtain and see what really goes on.

Basic Information

Founded: 2007

Address: 3 First Avenue, Gwarimpa, Close To Anafara Plaza

LGA: AMAC , TOWN/CITY: Gwarimpa , STATE: Abuja

Category: Creche / Pre-Nursery / Kindergarten, Nursery / Primary School, Secondary,

Ownership: Private

Gender: Boys and girls

Religion: Mixed Religion

Facility: Boarding and Day

+234 815 480 5384 ,

Fee Range: -


Our Mission Statement

To give an all-round education, creating independent learners; skillful, innovative, bright, creative, resourceful, responsible, and well-enabled to meet the demands and challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

Admission Requirements

- Purchase an application form for N10, 000.
- Submit completed application form with the following documents
*2 Passport Photographs for your child (not more than 6 months old)
*A photocopy of candidate's passport data page.
*A photocopy of the immunization record.
*A Photocopy of all recent results of current school (if available)
*A medical report from a certified doctor/hospital.
(Original copies of the above documents for sighting)

- Informal assessments are essential for Pre-School pupils.
- Entrance tests are from IVY Class (Nursery 2) to Year 5.
- Entrance examinations are for JSS1 (Year 7) and JSS2 (Year 8).

*Please note Admissions into the secondary school is subject to meeting the age requirements and success in the entrance examination.
- The prospective student will undertake a test in the core subjects to determine his or her current attainment (levels).
- The student and parents will attend an interview to find out about the results of the test and if Starville School is the right place for the child.
- Successful candidates will be informed via SMS, email or phone call.
- A provisional letter of admission is issued for collection.
- Acceptance letter signed and returned with all required payment.
- Payments are made via bank drafts payable to Starville School or via POS on school premises.
- Accounts department receives the bank slip/draft and issues a receipt.
- Your receipt is very important, so please keep it safe.
- The student is then allocated to the appropriate class.

For further enquiries on applying to Starville or to schedule an appointment, please call:
0810 006 4317
0810 006 4137
0815 480 5384

You can also send us an email to:

Please Note:
To be eligible for admission into Year 7, candidates must be at least 10+ years old by 31st of August.

At Starville School, we are committed to the development of the total child by equipping him/her with a variety of skill-set and values which provide a basis for complete character building and learning. We offer a wide range of carefully selected and organized academic programmes and extra-curricular activities based on Curriculum.

Entrance examinations are for students moving from:
Year 6 to Year 7 (JSS1) and
Year 7 (JSS1) to Year 8 (JSS2)

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of our amazing learning community.
Entrance forms are currently available.
For more details, call:+234 8154805384, +234 9093864978, +234 8100064317

Tuition Fees and Payment
Our school fees are communicated at the beginning of each term of a specific academic year.

For new students the fees include the cost of tuition, books, school uniforms, and development levy.

For returning students the fees include the cost of tuition and books.

Boarding Fees include house wear, bed covers and duvets, student imprest account, etc.

All school fees payment must be made in bank drafts payable to Starville School and returned to the account office for proper receipting and documentation. The names and classes of the children must also be written on the reverse side of the draft.
Other payments can be made through the bank using a deposit slip or through the POS terminal at the school's account office.

The school is currently working on other payment options.
School fees may be paid annually or termly but are due on or before the first day of school. Only certified bank drafts made payable to Starville School will be accepted.

The School reserves the right to change the fees prior to the opening of any school year. However, every effort will be made to give ample advance notice of such change.

Please note that withdrawal from school requires a term's notice in writing to the School. If this procedure is not followed then one full term's fee will be forfeited and the boarding deposit will not be refunded.

Accounts Office opening hours:
School days: 7:30am - 5:00pm (Monday - Friday)
Public holidays: Closed
Telephone: +234 (08100056421)

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Starville School

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Future Plans

Awards & Achievements


Starville Pre-School is a well structured environment for children from the ages of 18 months to 5 years. We use the Montessori approach to teaching and learning in a "prepared environment" utilising its principles and resources designed to meet the peculiar needs of every child. All of our programs are child centered and dedicated to helping each child develop independence, self esteem, respect and a lifelong love of learning facilitated with the use of didactic materials.

The Starville Elementary years admits Children between the ages of 5 + years to 10 + years into the school.

We use an integration of the Nigerian, British and Montessori Curriculum. This is adopted for a balanced, broad-based curriculum that encourages children to be academically inquisitive and to take responsibility and initiative as they move into this more structured phase of their schooling.

We develop unique, sensitive individuals. With, a solid foundation laid in, the Pre-School years, this is a stage where children are ready for abstract thoughts which lead to mastering abstract concepts. Children are encouraged to explore, challenged to learn core skills and guided to be proficient in oral reading, written communication and acquire dexterity with numbers.

When children are prepared to move beyond the Pre-School classroom, we provide a more structured approach and begin to facilitate a successful, transition to elementary school. In Starville elementary years, children are taught to express themselves and to self - teach by researching. Through research, they are able to share an abundance of knowledge with each other. The Children's physical, emotional and social skills are developed.

Our curriculum is dedicated to developing learners who are confident, responsible, innovative, and engaged; and our secondary section admits students aged 10-16, running a combined curriculum which includes the Nigerian and British Content that prepares students for:
- BECE (Junior NECO) and /any other local examination for this stage,
- Checkpoint,
- IGCSE Examinations.

Our curriculum is broken into five areas:

The Practical Life Exercises: For children, everyday routines and practices of life like preparing food, dressing, cleaning, habitual courtesies, and more are new, exciting and joyous challenges. One of the hallmarks of the Montessori Method is that it takes full advantage of the child's motivation to learn these things at a very young age. The practical life curriculum in Montessori provides a scope and sequence for these everyday routines and practices. Practical life in Montessori develops motor control and coordination, develops independence, concentration, and builds a sense of responsibility. These exercises aim to bridge the gap between home and school and aid the child in that transition.

Sensorial Education: Sensorial activities are used in Montessori learning to help children in discrimination and order. They help children become aware of details through, first, strongly contrasted sensations (red vs. blue) and then, through variously graded sensations (various shades of blue). The materials isolate a single quality: colour, weight, shape, texture, size, sound, smell, etc., for children to train their focus. It broadens and refines a child's senses, perception and awareness.

Mathematics: Early Mathematics is designed to transform ideas into actions, using concrete learning materials, resulting in making abstract concepts clearer to the learner. These experiences explore the underlying fundamentals of algebra, geometry, logic and statistics, plus operational principles, such as addition, multiplication, division and subtraction.

Language: With Montessori Method of teaching, basic writing, reading, listening and speaking skills are developed. The phonic method of learning to read alphabets produces understanding because a child first learns the phonic sound of each letter. With the help of language materials, the child automatically knows how to hold the pencil. Language experiences encourage children to master and blend sounds to build words, instead of the traditional memorization of 'sight words'. This gives children the tools to read at a higher level.

Cultural Studies: The Montessori Cultural Studies curriculum provides children with an opportunity to explore the larger world. Here the child is introduced to Zoology, Botany, History, Geography, Science, Music, Art and Peace Education. With the use of materials, the children learn about the universe and nurture an interest in observing nature and discovering more about the world around them. Children learn to appreciate their culture, other cultures and the world at large.

Extra-curricular Activities (Sports/Clubs)

This is an integral part of our school. It is an inclusion of elective programs; that stimulate children and allow them to learn while playing and exploring creative outlets that will help them advance in the future. These opportunities go beyond the core Montessori Curriculum, giving children the chance to further expand their minds, energize their bodies, and build their confidence.?

Weekly extracurricular classes and activities Additional fees apply classes vary by age. Discover opportunities such as:

Martial Arts
Chess and Scrabble
Cheer Leading

Homework goes home every day and returned back the next day. This is to maintain a high standard. Parents are encouraged to support their child/ward in this area.

Features and Amenities


We offer a wide range of activities to allow our students the opportunity to experience success in all part of school life in order to gain the confidence with which to tackle those aspects they find difficult. The variety of provision offered by staff enables students to pursue activities they enjoy or to receive additional help and support with their curriculum studies. Involvement in extracurricular activities is strongly encouraged and monitored by the teachers.

Each student (Year 7 to Year 11) is expected to register for two After-School Activities. Year 12 students may participate in After-School activities only on Tuesdays, as Science practical classes have been scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during the Club periods.

We have a long experience of success in PE and we offer a varied and exciting extracurricular programme. There are many opportunities to develop skills at a higher level by representing the school in most sports. We offer the following PE clubs Football, Basketball, Table tennis, Badminton, Chess, Volleyball and lots more.

Starville offers outstanding extra-curricular opportunities to students in Art and Drama and other Clubs include Literary and debating club, Music club, Drama, Reading and clubs. All these clubs give room for the students to practice all they have learnt in class.

In Art and Design, there is a wide range of opportunities for students to take part in activities beyond normal lesson time. This provides those students who have a keen interest in the subject and enjoy working creatively to continue with their coursework or opt into short, specialist projects aimed at developing a particular aspect of their art.

This offer is for a wide variety of instruments and students have the opportunity to prepare for practical examinations. We offer an exciting programme of extracurricular activities that provide an ensemble opportunities for instrumentalists and singers. This enables students, at whatever stage in their musical development, to perform in a range of instrumental and choral groups. Students perform in school assemblies, workshops with professional musicians, concerts, local primary schools and whole school dramatic productions. The School also intend to offer a weekend Music class for its students and the community.

This club runs with the sole aim of grooming and improving students in Mathematics and Sciences subjects as well as preparing them for internal and external competition in these fields.


Clubs are compulsory at Starville School for pupils and students. They are aimed at making our students/pupils well grounded in extra curricular activities. Clubs are divided into sports and non-sports. All pupils must pick one from each group based on their interest. A club selection form will normally be sent home for parents to help with the selection


Subjects taught in the Elementary include:

English Language
Social Studies
Religious Education
Pre - Vocational
Nigerian Languages (Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo)
Arts, music and physical education are integrated into the school's curriculum.

Assessment tests are taken weekly. Examinations are conducted termly.

The following subjects are offered in the Junior Secondary School: Mathematics, English studies, Basic Science, Basic Technology, ICT, Social Studies, Civic education, Business studies, CRS/IRS - Religious studies, Physical and Health Education (PHE), Cultural and Creative Art (Music and Art), Home Economics, Nigerian languages, French, and Agricultural Science.

The following subjects are offered in the Senior Secondary School: Mathematics, English studies, Nigerian languages, French, Agricultural Science, Economics, Any trade subject, Biology, Physics, Government, Chemistry, History, Account, Further Mathematics, Business Studies (Commerce), English Literature, Geography, Food and Nutrition, Technical Drawing, Civic education, and ICT.?

Key Officers

Mr Fidelis Makundu

Designation: Principal

Mrs. Chuks-Nwosu

Designation: VP Admin

Mr. Timothy Utor

Designation: VP Academics

Mrs. Adeyinka Flourish

Designation: Head (Primary and Nursery)

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