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Africa Community School, Asokoro.

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Address: Plot 1849, Moh'd Mahathir St. Asokoro Ext. - Abuja.

Gender: Boys and girls

Religion: Mixed Religion

About Africa Community School, Asokoro.

Africa Community School evolved precisely in 2003 out of a strong passion to make a positive difference in the lives of growing children in Nigeria and indeed Africa as a whole. Since then, the school has grown remarkably and is today an institution offering a first class education from early years to Junior School level. We believe that progressive education gives parents and pupils continuity and stability, hence removing the inconvenience of having to change school periodically.

Africa Community School (ACS) has been self-supporting since inception. We have a Board of Trustees which also guides the overall direction and running of the school.

Basic Information

Founded: 2003

Address: Plot 1849, Moh'd Mahathir St. Asokoro Ext. - Abuja.

LGA: AMAC , TOWN/CITY: Asokoro , STATE: Abuja

Category: Nursery / Primary School, Secondary,

Ownership: Private

Gender: Boys and girls

Religion: Mixed Religion

Facility: Boarding and Day

0813 635 0953 , 0813 288 0390

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Our Mission Statement

To give boys and girls from different backgrounds the opportunity to obtain the most thought out quality education founded on Christian principles.
a school tour before applying.

Admission Requirements

Africa Community School operates very differently from most traditional public schools. Read below to learn what to expect from your experience at ACS.

The prospective student of the school is expected to download, and fill form online or obtain admission form the school’s accounts department, afterwards submit a duly filled form to the school Administrator, Vice Principal (academics) or Head teacher as the case may be.

The student then qualifies to write a placement test to enable the school determine his/her suitability for the class proposed. Questions for the placement test are drawn from Mathematics, English and General Knowledge except for the pre-nursery where the class teacher interacts with the pupil.

Students who wish to enter, JS 1 must be at least 9 years old.

No matter your interests, ACS has a course plan to suit your needs.
It is the mission of the admission department to inform and admit new, qualified scholars to the school in a professional and forthright manner while maintaining the integrity of the School, the Scholars and their families.

General: Applications for admission are accepted throughout the year. No official decision on application is given until all relevant documents have been received. Families seeking admission for their children are advised to apply as early as possible as certain classes fill up quickly.

Required Application Materials
Before a student may be admitted to Africa Community School (ACS), all of the following must be submitted:

Application fee (non-refundable).
Scholar’s application form: This should be completed and signed by the parent or legal guardian and accompanied by two passport-sized photographs.
Two full years of school reports. These should cover two complete years (the most recently completed academic year and the previous one) as well as the year in progress, if applicable.
Birth Certificate.
Medical report
Entrance Examination/Interview
New scholars from age 4 (four) require an examination and oral interview to ascertain their readiness for school.
Nursery/Primary Classes: An entrance examination based on Mathematics, Reading, English and Writing will be administered.
Secondary Classes: Most students in Secondary School will come from the Primary School section of ACS, together with other students who apply at the beginning of and throughout the academic year. The students write examinations based on Mathematics, Quantitative, English, Verbal and General knowledge. This gives precise information as regards their potential and learning abilities.
Registration: An accepted application and place in the School is guaranteed only after a completed Registration contract (signed by the parents) and registration Deposit have been received by the School. At this point, responsibility for maintaining and updating the Scholars’ records passes to the appropriate primary or secondary school administrative assistant.
Scholars joining mid-year will undergo the same admission procedure although they may require additional support.

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Future Plans

Be a leading institution of learning where both staff and students strive to fully discover and develop their God-given potential to impact the world

Awards & Achievements


The school’s curriculum content represents real-life situations going beyond the curriculum and satisfies the needs, the nature, aspirations and learner interests. The curriculum operates on a 40-period, one – week cycle with eight forty-minute periods a day.

Features and Amenities

Physics Laboratory
The Physics Laboratory in ACS is designed to meet 21 st century challenges where abstract ideas, concepts, hypothesis are concretized via series of guided experiments and practicals using standardized apparatus.

It is also a conducive environment for teaching and learning processes which are practical based (Electricity, Optics, Mechanics etc.) With a sitting capacity for twenty-five learners

Chemistry Laboratory
The Chemistry Laboratory at ACS is where researches and experimental works are performed and verified. The School has made available a standard and well-equipped chemistry laboratory for effective teaching and learning of Chemistry. The Laboratory provides students with the following

Adequate space for movement to minimize accidents
Reagents and equipment for science works/researches
Adequate water, electricity and gas supply
A fume chamber to exit poisonous gases during practical lessons
Safety devices to avoid or minimize/manage laboratory accidents
Well constructed sitting benches and working tables to ease students’ work
Constant lighting for absolute visibility during practical lessons and experimental work
A whiteboard to aid learning process.
Where the above are made available there is always an assurance to excel in chemistry because students will be engaged with practical activities on what they have been taught theoretically.

ICT Facility
The ICT Center at ACS boasts of:

Training rooms and ICT training centers
38 computer systems
LAN network
Broadband internet
High Quality Projector
Printing and Photocopier machines
Air conditioned and well ventilated halls
E-learning services.

We have an Early Years Library and a Library for older students in our facility. We also have computers in the libraries for E-learning.

Biology/Agricultural Laboratory
We have a Biology/Agricultural Laboratory with well-equipped specimens, model reagents and up to date technologically aided resources (Charts) opened for students to be used under careful supervision.

The students study detailed physiological, morphological and histological parts of living organisms. Studying nature and specimens either with the use of microscopes or as museum specimens instills joy and awakens natural curiosity in our students. They also have the liberty to create models and projects to expand their knowledge beyond the classroom environment


Junior Secondary School 1 - 3
Students are taught in mixed ability groups for most subjects. All students learn through a common course of study that is differentiated to meet their needs and interests. All classes have 15 compulsory subjects.

Students begin the British Curriculum in JS 1 and write the checkpoint examination in JS 3.

Main Subjects


Business Studies

Pre-vocational Studies
Religion and National Value
Basic Science and Technology
Senior Secondary School 1 - 3
There are four groups depending upon the career path of the student. All SS students are required to take 10 subjects in one of the four groups. The students are taught in different groups for all subjects depending on their choice of subject. IGSCE begins is SS 1 and students write the exam during the first term in SS 3.
Civic Education
Dyeing and Bleaching/Book Keeping
Optional Subjects

Further Maths
Food and Nutrition
Visual Arts
Technical Drawing

Key Officers

Mrs Joy M.O. Otuechere

Designation: Principal
Mrs. Joy M. O. Otuechere is the Pioneer Head Teacher and Principal of Africa Community School.

Achemto Cincin Wamju

Designation: Head Teacher
A very proactive, ambitious, energetic, meticulous, creative, adaptable and self motivated person.

Ijagbemi Femi Samuel

Designation: Consultant,Academic Programme
Elder Femi Ijagbemi is the Consultant, Academic Programme of Africa Community School, Asokoro, Abuja.

Ijagbemi Femi Samuel

Designation: Consultant,Academic Programme
Elder Femi Ijagbemi is the Consultant, Academic Programme of Africa Community School, Asokoro, Abuja.

Favour Kelechukwu Brown

Designation: Parent Relations Officer
Mrs Kelechukwu Brown is a detail-oriented, adventurous, confident and creative communicator.

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