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Pine Crest Schools, Enugu.

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Address: No. 5 pine crest avenue Independence Layout,Enugu.

Gender: Boys and girls

Religion: Mixed Religion

About Pine Crest Schools, Enugu.

Pine Crest School-the prestigious citadel of learning offering employment to hundreds of people, making waves all over the world and nurturing future leaders-is a crystallization of the founder’s fervent passion for education and a strong desire to make acceptable changes in our educational system characterized and bedeviled by lapses, incongruities and academic ineptitude.
Barr (Mrs) Hazel Chiejina had discovered, as early as the age of nine that she has an innate inextinguishable passion for teaching and learning and is particularly enamoured with the education of little children.

Basic Information

Founded: 2005

Address: No. 5 pine crest avenue Independence Layout,Enugu.

LGA: Enugu North , TOWN/CITY: Enugu , STATE: Enugu

Category: Secondary,

Ownership: Private

Gender: Boys and girls

Religion: Mixed Religion

Facility: Boarding and Day

08063 332 906 , 08033 253 535

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Our Mission Statement

In line with the school’s motto “Building the best for the total child,” we are totally committed to the future of the children entrusted in our care. We constantly update facilities and programmes built to suit the educational needs of our children in our ever changing world. As a result, we have been consistently blazing a trail in education with unrivalled excellent records since 2001.
We work with qualified, dedicated and experienced instructors who have expertise in their disciplines and exhibit flawless erudition in their teaching with advanced, innovative, ICT compliant and modernized instructional facilities. Our instructors are constantly trained and retrained nationally and internationally to keep abreast of the latest trends in the educational system.

Admission Requirements

We are delighted that you are choosing Pine Crest School for your child (ren). The section of our website will furnish you with necessary information about our aim, philosophy, curriculum and facilities.
Getting admission into 7th Grade is not very difficult, but the candidate has to be ten years or turn ten by the September of the year of admission before writing the entrance examination in March. In the interim, the candidate has to purchase a form from any of the following exam centres:
Enugu: Pine Crest School, Enugu
5 Pine Crest Avenue, Off Bisalla Road, Independence Layout.

Port-Harcourt: International Unity School (Shell Staff Education Cooperative), 17 Ekere Street, Off Aba Road near Shell (SPDC)

Onitsha: Mount Olive Primary School, G.R.A. Onitsha

Abuja: 2 Masaka Close/Olusegun Obasanjo Way opposite NPC Headquarters, Zone 7, Wuse District, Abuja. Tel: 08033114814

The forms are to be returned and the candidates will be examined on a stipulated date in subjects like Math, English, Verbal, Quantitative and Creative Writing. Midstream admission is also available for all classes except 12th Grade, ONLY if the new 12th grader is an EXCEPTIONAL student par excellence. The candidates should expect to write English Language, Mathematics and any other three core subjects. For the Elementary section, the pupils are assigned to suitable classes after the form must have been purchased and the pupils must have written a placement examination which will help the school to determine the intelligence quotient of the child as well as the right class for placement. Pre-School pupils gain admission after the forms have been bought, filled and submitted.
You will definitely find our excellent facilities, cordial staff, pupil and student interactions, tranquil, cosy, serene and conducive environment befitting for your child (ren).

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Future Plans

Awards & Achievements


We operate with broad, rich and tripartite curriculum culled from British, American and Nigerian systems of education. Our holistic education programme benchmarks best practices anywhere in the world.

Our pupils are immersed in other activities to boost their creativity. One of such activities is puzzle extra challenge, a miscellany of puzzle activities such as path word, lazer maze, solitaire, maps of countries with special reference to Nigeria, zoom 2, equate board, etc. Our pupils learn logical skills, problem solving skills, mathematics, literacy, team building, creativity and strategy. Puzzle extra helps our children become smarter, think out of the box, figure out things on their own and be more creative. Other activities such as well-organized clubs and full-fledged orchestra enhance our core curriculum and develop the pupils creatively.
We offer world class education that will produce great leaders in all spheres of life. Pinecrestorians have been already adjudged as great scholars whose values, character, talents and sense of purpose will lead to outstanding achievement and success anywhere in the world.

Features and Amenities

Pine Crest School library is inundated with books for all categories of learners. There are assorted novels for the avid reader. Arrays of updated science textbooks, language study arts and different classes of reference books are readily available at Pine Crest School library. The students can study in the serene library environment or borrow and return the book later.

The e-library offers electronic books that may not be available in print. Such books may be downloaded or read in the soft copy. The books may be read by a group of students in shared reading with mini computer devices. In Pine Crest School, a lot of e-books and educational compact disks are available to offer a visual alternative and motion pictures to enhance learning in lessons on various subjects taught in theory in classes.
Pine Crest School is renowned for her undeniably state-of-the-art twenty first century hostel facilities which are second to none in the East of the Niger. Our boarding houses for both males and females are clearly a home away from home. Our parents do not bother about the well-being of their children because the boarders are not bullied.
We make provisions for extra lessons in the hostel especially for those who are preparing for SSCE and other national as well as international examinations. The security system is well organized and our boarders enjoy their maximum protection.
Our boarders testify of the culinary excellence of our professional hostel cooks. The students are served with exquisitely delectable, scrumptious and balanced meals. The menu is not static but varies depending on the weather and nutritional needs of the boarders. Students from other culture use the opportunity to relish rich meals from other areas.

Our Information and Communication Technology Centre offers practicals to theories taught in computer classes. The students are assigned to one computer each to enhance practical understanding of the topics. The central projectors and electronic boards serve the same purpose. Students can as well surf the net during the practical of internet based theories.

Pine Crest ICT centre familiarizes pupils and students with the use of computers. Students can retrieve required information within a short time. They can access and disseminate electronic information like e-books and improve their learning by using different ICT gadgets.

Pine Crest School music theatre is a unique orchestra where students and pupils are trained to sing and play exquisite musical instruments.
Pine Crest is remarkable for being the only school in Enugu that has a full-fledged orchestra. Musical instruments like drums, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, flutes, violin, viola, tuba, cello and double bass the magnificent grand piano are played by the students and pupils during music classes.
The students and pupils are initially drilled on the basics of these instruments and spurred on to exploit and adapt the various nuances of the instruments to express the rhapsody of their souls in music.
Our Music Theatre fuels the minds and creativity of our students and pupils helping them make discoveries, creating innovations while making learning easier and more enjoyable.
There is no better way to get a true picture and feel of our classes than to visit the school. Then you will be able to appreciate the well polished tiles, beautiful combination of wall paints, the interior artistic decoration and the coolness of the air-conditioners.
The interior decorations on the flannel board and other strategic parts of the classes are weekly replaced with new ones to reflect the theme and lessons for the week. All parts of the classes are endless sources of fascination and educational material to be digested by the students at a glance. Repetition is for emphasis, so we place important aspects of each subject at strategic places as reminders. The classes are not littered since sanitary officers are always at work to clean off spilled drinks and meals.
Pre-School and nursery classes have wall televisions for visual classes while higher classes like Fifth Grade has the interactive board in the class. Some of the teaching aids are right in classes while others are brought in when needed. The Pre-School and nursery classes are named after cartoon characters that are also painted on the doors. The kids have already been familiarized with these characters by watching them at home. The characters symbolically welcome them into their world in the class, giving them the feeling that they are not in a strange place. By so doing, the school re-enacts a continuity of the children’s familiar cartoon world of jollity, laughter, playfulness, music and joyous interactive learning.

The cartoon characters, beautiful decorations, the wall television and other audio visual pedagogic aids create a relaxed ambience of fun in the class. Believe it, they hardly ever miss home.
The elementary school classes are named after gem stones. This is principally symbolic in two ways because we are raising precious kids and our major preoccupation is to build a solid or rock-like educational foundation which transmogrifies our children into confident, self-reliant, proactive, creative and profoundly erudite scholars. We do not achieve our objectives through a hard and torturous method, but through the best instructional facilities, well trained instructors, ultra modern and conducive learning environment. Thus it is not just about stones or solid foundation but mainly through the gem stone way; that is, through a cozy, posh, beatific, exceptional, unprecedented, inestimable, invaluable environment and pedagogic methodology.
The college classes are named after flowers because our college graduands are the flowers of our great nation. They are the crème de la crème of our society who hereafter graduate from both our indigenous universities and those abroad with second class upper division and first class results. They shall soon evolve as the ruling class, the elite, entrepreneurs, ambassadors, great mothers, fathers and indispensable citizens of our great nation.
You need to see the classes for yourself. A true appreciation of our classes is largely visual.


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