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Mona School, Sapele

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Address: Ikhidero Crescent, Off Shell Road, Amukpe, Sapele, Delta State

Gender: Boys and girls

Religion: Mixed Religion

About Mona School, Sapele

In September of 2000, Mona School began in Sapele with 4 kindergarten children. As of September 2016, Mona School has 3 permanent buildings with 334 children attending.

The approach in kindergarten is that learning is interesting with hundreds of materials available to be used. The teacher presents the material to the child and the child works with those activities by his own choosing. Thus these young students become owners of their learning. At the primary level, teachers present facts from the Nigerian curriculum in various ways to ensure understanding. Other topics are discussed for general knowledge.

The majority of the teachers in Mona School are women as their role is to nurture the young ones. The staff includes three who are Montessori trained. Regular weekly-in-service training is provided to enlighten all staff.

In June of 2017, the graduating class all scored distinction in the Delta State Primary 6 School Leaving Exam. Since then it has been a norm till date.

The beautiful buildings were built by Eternit Limited. as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The spacious field allows for sports activities, growing fruits and vegetables and raising domestic animals.

Basic Information


Address: Ikhidero Crescent, Off Shell Road, Amukpe, Sapele, Delta State

LGA: all , TOWN/CITY: Sapele , STATE: Delta

Category: After School, Creche / Pre-Nursery / Kindergarten, Nursery / Primary School, Primary,

Ownership: Private

Gender: Boys and girls

Religion: Mixed Religion

Facility: Day School

+ (234)803 378 4242 , + (234)906 000 1322

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Our Mission Statement

Admission Requirements

Admission is open to children of any ethnic background. The conditions for admission include the parents’ willingness to allow their children to learn human virtues which will be backed up using quotations from all the major religions of the world. Also parents are responsible to transport their children to and from the school. ID cards are issued to each child, which are to be given to those who collect the children. The Headmistress will interview applicants.

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Future Plans

Awards & Achievements

Mona School based in Sapele, Delta State was adjudged winner of first prize in the worth of N3million for a school project. The top 5 schools were required to invite orphanages of their choice to celebrate the Christmas party. Mona School chose the Christian Mission School for the deaf Sapele due to the long standing relationship between both schools . Apart from winning the grand prize, the chosen orphanage enjoyed the benevolence of bournvita in gifts from the points accrued by Mona School.


Children from age 2 – 3 enjoy the company of mates in singing, outdoor activities, visiting the farm animals, swinging, the sounding of letters, working puzzles and other materials

The Montessori kindergarten is the heart of the school. Dr. Montessori said that children should be introduced to the world when they are very young. Geography, history, botany, zoology and religions of the world are studied throughout the Mona School curriculum.

The Nigerian curriculum is followed at the primary level. Classes are enriched by excursions and research projects. Several materials are on the shelf for each student to handle, make observations and learn the information presented.

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Key Officers

Mrs Edijana Daisy Feldman

Designation: (Headmistress/CEO)
Mona School has been established to prepare young children for their future. Mona School students enjoy their education. The graduates show self-confidence and broad knowledge of the world.
As the Headmistress of Mona School since 2000, I have learned to use the present to achieve a successful result. One of the Montessori principles is to use a positive approach in handling all matters and this is being practiced in Mona School. Mona School has been able to achieve the ability of understanding the child’s behavior and using positive ways in handing any problem that arises.
At Mona School we understand discipline to mean the precise way of doing something. Mona School has been able to help develop the child’s self-esteem in order for the child to be effective, happy, contributing and respectful.
I am also very happy with the in-service training for the staff once a week during the school session. This exercise has made the Montessori principles to come alive in the staff. The teachers have maintained dignity and respect for themselves and the children. At Mona School, we nurture these young seeds to grow into beautiful and fruitful trees. The ingredients for nurturing include love, respect and believing in the children.

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