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Rosebud schools, Ibadan

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Address: Okebadan Estate, Adebayo Alao Akala Way(Beside Old Exide Battery) Ibadan.

Gender: Boys and girls

Religion: Mixed Religion

About Rosebud schools, Ibadan

At Rosebud, our focus is an institution where academic curriculum is top-class, service-based and value driven with an overarching emphasis on human development from a total man concept and entrepreneurial development base. Our focus as a school is to build a world-class. Institution that will be the pride of Africa as well as take its place in the league of Colleges on the global platform, hence, our affiliation to the prestigious University of Cambridge for AS and A level programmes.
What began as a day-care centre has, like the proverbial acorn, grown into a mighty oak with its branches spreading to and having an influence that spans the continents of Africa and Europe. Rosebud School offers the Nigerian, British and American curricula. The Rosebud Kiddies School, comprising the Nursery/Primary Section took off in September, 2006. The assertion by Aristotle, that “whoever opens a school door, closes the door to a prison”, triggered the founders’ unquenchable thirst to educate the youths further by opening wide the gates of the secondary arm, Rosebud College, in 2008 to welcome its first set of students into JSS 1 and JSS 2.

Since the admission of its first set of students, the school has gained a reputation for academic excellence, including inculcating the right values in its students and equipping them for life.

Knowing that change is the only constant thing in life, the school has consistently updated itself to stay abreast of education best practice by constantly producing students who have performed astonishingly well in their various fields of endeavor. The quality of education offered in Rosebud School is evident in the school’s resolve to add craft and other creative activities to the school’s curriculum with little or no cost. Both information and communication Technology and vocational skills are integral part of learning in Rosebud School. The school believes that learning is an unbroken activity that is continued throughout an individual’s life. Education, therefore, should foster independent thinking, exploration and experimentation as a life – longprogress.

Basic Information

Founded: 2006

Address: Okebadan Estate, Adebayo Alao Akala Way(Beside Old Exide Battery) Ibadan.

LGA: all , TOWN/CITY: Ibadan , STATE: Oyo

Category: A-Level / Pre-Degree / Foundation, Creche / Pre-Nursery / Kindergarten, IGCSE, Nursery / Primary School, Primary, SAT/TOEFL/IELTS/GMAT, Secondary,

Ownership: Private

Gender: Boys and girls

Religion: Mixed Religion

Facility: Boarding and Day

08022415024 , 08157479738

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Our Mission Statement

The mission of the school is to offer a programme which is sufficiently wide ranging and challenging via a human development and total man concept driven curriculum, employing innovative vocational training, teaching and learning method which are in tandem with best educational practices, research and professional services that promote integrated life transforming education relevant to the context and science, technology and human capacity building. These will ultimately produce civilized, responsible and disciplined children who will become honorable citizens equipped to cope with the diversities of the world around them. At Rosebud, we have a mission to catch young minds from the cradle and nurture them through the precarious age of adolescence to the point, where they will be able to know the ‘right from the wrong’

Admission Requirements

Admission for the 2019/2020 academic session is still in progress. Enroll your wards now into Crèche, Pre-school, Elementary, College and A-Level programmes. Day and boarding facilities are available.

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Future Plans

The vision of the founders is to raise a generation of unequalled children chosen and destined for greatness. The school is committed to raising brilliant, highly educated, innovative leaders to whom God will reveal the secrets of His wealth that are hidden in every field of human Endeavour. These leaders will be part of the change the world need, and they will represent the dawn of a new day. Rosebud school is one of the institutions destined to raise children of excellent that would become morally upright and spiritually filled teachers of tomorrow.

Awards & Achievements


In our Pre -School, our Montessori methodology is committed to serving children of all religious and ethnic backgrounds between the ages of 18 months to 5 years.
Rosebud School offers the Nigerian, British and American curricula.

Features and Amenities

Rosebud School is located in a serene part of the city of Ibadan undisturbed by the hustle and bustle typical of city life. Rosebud School is divided into three main areas: the school compound which comprises the primary and secondary, ‘A’ level block and residential compound which houses the male and female hostels built apart. The hostels are being superintended by guardians in the mould of experienced house parents who are directly responsible for the welfare of the students in the hostel. These house parents who relate to each child one on one and are constantly looking out for their personal needs. The hostels are designed to provide home away from home comfort with top class recreational facilities.

Rosebud schools are situated in the school compound on an expensive acres of land consisting of integrated blocks of aesthetically conditioned classroom and modern teaching facilities such as interactive white boards, a large stately assembly hall and a central administrative block. The spatial complex is purposely designed to provide a conducive environment for learning and creativity.

The school also boasts of well equipped science laboratories (both in the primary and secondary sections), the computer laboratory with twenty five units of flat screen computer system with constant internet access and a very heavy duty generating set to complement electricity supply from inadequate power holding corporation of Nigeria. A multi – purpose playing court with pavilion and an Olympic sized football pitch, home economics laboratories and technical drawing room in their state – of – art, are just a few of the facilities that the school has. There is also an enabling environment for the teaching of social and professional courses. Well equipped libraries and access to a wealth of electronic resources are investments by the school to enhance students’ learning.


Arts – music and movements, dance, gymnastics, handwriting, aerobic lesson including swimming and martial art, storytelling and literature-in-English.
Letter works – identification and writing of alphabets, formation of simple words and sentences and phonics in English and verbal reasoning
Number works – identification and writing of numbers, simple number works and quantitative reasoning
Social Habit and Etiquette
Rhymes and songs
Elementary Science

Languages – phonics in English, Literature-in-English, English language, verbal reasoning, French language and traditional languages (Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba).
Mathematics – from simple equations in arithmetic, quantitative reasoning to mathematical science.
Science – Basic science and technology, computer education, physical and health education, Robotic and Lego science.
Pre-vocational studies – agricultural science, home economics, needle works and knitting, wire works and landscaping.
National values (civics, security, etiquette and social studies) and religious studies
Cultural and creative art and music
Traditional languages – Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba languages.

During the first 3 years (Years 7, 8 and 9) all students learn through a common course of study that is differentiated to meet their needs and interests. The subjects include;
Arts – phonics in English, Literature-in-English, English language, French language and traditional languages (Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba), Cultural and creative art and music, Religion (CRS/IRK) and National values (civics, security, etiquette and social studies).
Sciences – Basic science and technology, computer science, physical and health education, Mathematical Science.
Social sciences – Business studies, typing, shorthand and civics.
Pre-vocational study – Agricultural science, home management, photography, macramé, block making, landscape design, tailoring and wireworks.
National values (civics, security, etiquette and social studies) and religious studies
At the end of Year 9, students sit for JSS 3 NECO and WAEC Examinations.

In (Senior Secondary) Years 10 and 11, students are taught in different groups for all subjects, depending on their choice of subjects for Key Stage 4. The following are the subjects they offer;
Arts – Phonics, English language, Literature-in-English, French Language, Yoruba Language and CRS/IRK.
Sciences – Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Agricultural science, technical drawing.
Social science – Accounting, Economics, Geography, Government, Commerce.
Pre-vocational study –food and nutrition, photography, creative art, block making and landscaping, tailoring etc.

Key Officers

Mrs. C.F Aderogba

Designation: Proprietress
Mrs. C.F Aderogba, , is at the heart of the divine success story behind the founding of the Rosebud School. She is a woman called to serve with excellence as her watch word. She has a great passion for education and a brighter future for Nigeria. An unassuming and humility typified woman, her open door policy, motherly affection benevolent nature, coupled with an indomitable spirit and love for children and youths are some of the qualities that endear her to children, staff and parents. This is why all and sundry give her the name “Mummy”. She is oftenheard saying that, “In training a child to inculcate in him a sense of excellence in achieving greater heights, in making an impact in world around him in any field of his choice, a teacher must be able to make every effort to do what leads to peace and mutual edification in the society, thereby, building a strong nation”. An educationist and teacher, whose teaching experience spans over three decades,Mrs. Aderogba is a spiritual mentor with many educational merit awards at her disposal. Her knack for servant – leaders style of administration with the passion to do what leads to peace and mutual edification has always been the key to the school’s success story.

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