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Soccer For Peace Academy, Garki

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Address: Plot 1019 Gimbiya Street (Opposite Gimbiya Supermarket), Suite A, 3rd Floor, Area 11 Garki

Gender: Boys and girls

Religion: Mixed Religion

About Soccer For Peace Academy, Garki

Soccer for Peace Academy (SPA) is a leading Soccer academy in Africa. We feature top training methodology, quality instructions, excellent field and equipment. All our training sessions are conducted by excellent and certified coaches and closely monitored by a technical director, who is assigned to implement the techniques of some of the most successful soccer academies in the World.

The Soccer for Peace Academy (SPA) training methodology utilizes a combination of several soccer and futsal exercises, games, and tools in order to develop a complete player. Our approach aims to assist players to reach their full potential. Each player is unique and learns in a different way, so while we train in groups or within a team environment, our focus remains on each individual player. In order to provide a better learning experience, we utilize a mixed approach combining analytical, global and integrated methods. Soccer for Peace Academy (SPA) coaching staffs are highly specialized in player development. Our coaches are professionals and have several years of experience and training within and outside Nigeria. They holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Physical Education and in Sport Management, dominating the complexity of disciplines needed to correctly apply our methodology. This combination of academic background and experience is a vital aspect of our services and it further differentiates us in the industry.

Basic Information


Address: Plot 1019 Gimbiya Street (Opposite Gimbiya Supermarket), Suite A, 3rd Floor, Area 11 Garki


Category: Football,

Ownership: Private

Gender: Boys and girls

Religion: Mixed Religion

Facility: Day School

+234 703351597 ,

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Our Mission Statement

Soccer for Peace Academy's vision is to be the best soccer academy and players development in Africa. To provide young boys and girls an opportunity to learn and develop soccer skills in an instructional, friendly and safe environment. Like our players, we're determined, and we know we can always do better. Every day, we look at how we can improve ourselves, both on and off the pitch.

Admission Requirements

Our methods help them make the most of their profound passion for football in an enjoyable and friendly environment.

Soccer for peace academy is open to all ages and is not a club, so both club and non-club players are welcome.
We group the players based on both age and skill level to provide a program that is appropriate for each child.
If you are looking for a soccer program with a professional designed methodology, experienced coaches, and a positive and enriching learning environment, join Soccer4Peace Academy.

It is a high-level and intense football training to create a smooth transition into the next level.
Our players are exposed to high level football competitions locally and internationally. Our Academy also opens up international pathways to football careers and clubs and scouts abroad in football leading countries

Our registration complimentary Includes
• 2 Sets of Training Kit (2 Tops & 1 pair of Shorts)
• 1 Pair of socks
• 1 Gym Sack
• 1 Folder and Notebook
• 1 Water Bottle

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Training Duration:
Participants will be given a solid foundation in football designed programs in an age-appropriate model to work on all aspects of a soccer player's abilities, while incorporating elements that will set players apart from their peers, such as technique, creativity, superior skills, finesse, improvisation, and the magic of good Soccer. In addition to teaching soccer specific skills, we also work to improve our player's game understanding, cognitive skills, and physical literacy, including balance, coordination, running technique, mechanics, etc.
Our Programs usually run for 3month.
Summer Camp run 6 months or a year.
Once weekly, Four times a month, every Saturday and is subject to change.

We also provide holiday programs to keep them active and for Continuity. Evaluation is done on the 6th and 12th weeks

LOCATION: The venue for matches is at City Park, Wuse II Abuja.

FOOTBALL CAMPS: Opportunity to participate in range of football camps abroad.

EXTERNAL COMPETITIONS: Access to external competitions/tournaments in and outside Nigeria to expose players to different styles of football, increase and enhance their competitiveness

Features and Amenities


Brand new official training kit provided every season.
FOOTBALL CAMPS: Opportunity to participate in range of football camps in Italy, Spain and Barcelona.
GOALKEEPING ACADEMY: The players in the Goalkeeper program will undergo specific training with the academy’s goalkeeper coach.
PLAYER REPORTS: Individual player reports twice per season.
SPECIALIZED TRAINING: Programs applied for various ages/skill sets.

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