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Marcel Ugochukwu
Technical Operations Executive
When it comes to smartly coordinating project staffs and clients while creating and implementing systems, Marcel is your person. With more than five years’ experience in project management and operational governance under his belt, Marcel approaches planning, coordinating and executing organizational technical process with tact and grace. As an excellent communicator and a team builder, he creates a pleasant working atmosphere, where clarity of purpose is never in doubt. Not only does he creatively inspires his team, he actively leads participation in project design, development, testing and maintenance.

Austine Agunedemba
Front-end Developer/ UI&UX Designer
Austine is well-grounded in the business of making users’ experiences worthwhile. He strategically combines the right mixes of simplicity and aptness in his front-end designs. He has the magic of capturing the users’ demands in exciting whole new way, using a stimulating interface to provoke strong interest. Austine has proficiency in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Java and Wordpress, and has been at this for more than three years running.

Lotanna Ugochukwu
Innovation Strategist
Lotanna is the trusted eagle eye that is constantly on the look-out for better ways to drive organizational objective while prioritizing users’ satisfaction. He is always motivated by the desire to create the future today, therefore, he is never satisfied about the present. Lotanna feeds on pain-staking researches, projections, anticipations and perfections, while combining his creativity and innovative thinking in crafting outstanding system models. By applying strategic approaches to solutions, he fully harnesses the inherent opportunities from users’ demands, while providing them with the best experience possible.

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